Booted in Breeches

While things have been busy in the BHD world, I was able to get out for an early morning ride to one of my favorite places with my favorite biker cousin last Saturday. Since my work shift was scheduled from noon to midnight, yet I was awake as usual at oh-dark-30, and The Spouse was feeling lousy so he wanted to rest, I thought…

…”let’s see if BC (biker cuz) wants to go for a ride at daybreak?”

I sent him an email — my only form of text communication since I do not have (or want) texting capability on my dinosaur clamshell cell phone. I was pleasantly surprised with a rather quick reply at 0500. Cuz was up early as well, working on a class for his Master’s program.

“I’m up for it … need a break. Let’s ride!”

I prepared breakfast for the Spouse which he ate and then went back to bed. I went to my office-cum-gear closet (I keep my motorcycle / BLUF gear in a closet in the room that serves as my home office). In front of me was a pair of CHP breeches. I thought, “why not? It is chilly; these breeches will work fine.” I also saw a pair of Chippewa hi-shine boots looking lonely, so I decided to wear them instead of Dehners.

I went to the garage, pulled out my truck, and then duck-walked my Harley (safely tucked in the back of the garage) into the bay where I park my truck and inspected it. Sure ‘nuf, oil was low again. I tell ya, Harleys and their oil leaks. They never can make a bike that doesn’t leak oil.

Topped off the oil, checked the tires, cables, lights, brakes, etc. — the usual T-CLOCS checks — all was well.

I decided to wear my new ol’ reliable Rev’IT Tornado Jacket because it has a warm liner that is removeable when it warms up later this time of year. I crawled on the Harley (I am too old to hop) and took off.

BC and I rode to a small mill town and met a couple other guys from BC’s mother’s side of the family and had a bite to eat. Then we took off again across the Maryland countryside.

We rode to a favorite covered bridge for a photo op, then rode back. I had to get home, change, and get to work. But at least, for a while, I had a very enjoyable “clear the head” ride. Caregiving for someone who is chronically ill is taxing on the nerves. Riding revives my soul when my spirits are down due to worry and frustration that my Spouse will never be well. Our new reality — that he always is sick and infirm — is not settling well. It is an ongoing struggle for both of us to manage.

Life is short: Ride to let your spirit soar!

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