Boots On The Ground

I have always had a sly smile when I hear people say, “we have boots on the ground,” or “we need more boots on the ground.” Those references have been mostly about deployments of active duty military men and women, but the expression has extended nowadays to refer to any type of event or activity where additional trained personnel are needed.

After one long weekend off duty to drive that long slog of a roundtrip drive to Pittsburgh to work 16-hour days with home repairs and landscaping requirements for the mother-in-law, I have returned to my home base where…

…once again, I am adding my boots to those “on the ground,” working in my professional role for what appears to be another long week of 16+ -hour days and evenings. It’s what I do, what I know, and how my boots hit the ground running with little, if any, “spin-up” required. It is, unfortunately, sorta like “old home” week, working with pros with whom I have worked on-and-off in the last three decades (more off than on since the mid-2000s, but who’s counting?)

One thing I have learned as a seasoned old pro is how to pace myself. Take breaks often — just to get up and walk around — and drink plenty of water. No coffee, sodas, or other high-sugar, high-caffeine drinks. I am wired enough.

And if you are in the path of what’s to come: prepare now! Don’t wait until the last minute when stores are out of supplies and lines/waits are long. I am proud of my family in the storm’s path who have taken necessary precautions and are helping others get out of harm’s way.

Well, my ride his here. Off to the bunker I go once again. Wish me well.

Life is short: focus where your boots are needed.