Image Capturing Practice

A regular reader of this blog described a method that he used to capture images of police motorcycles ridden during a riding competition (police rodeo) using a GoPro. I thought it was a great idea, so I took some time today to get out on my Harley and try it. Results are…

…below. Kinda interesting, but I still need to learn how to apply this technique better (especially to get closer boot shots before I attend an upcoming motorcycle riding competition myself.)

Boots in the images are a new pair of Chippewa Firefighters that I got as an update for my uniform at the fire house where I am a Life Member.Just the boots:And an interesting shot (get your minds out of the gutter, guys! LOL!)Life is short: try new ideas.

1 thought on “Image Capturing Practice

  1. Those boots look nice. These are good shots….particularly the last one. And we weren’t looking at a gutter there, BHD.

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