Are Those Boots?

Short post, but I thought I would share a funny.

Yesterday at the morning briefing of TBC*, another senior official at the briefing looked at me and did the “boot bounce.” That is, he was looking at how I was dressed in khakis, dress shirt, tie, and cowboy boots. I was wearing…

black cherry Lucchese crocodile belly cowboy boots. Contrasted with tan-colored dress khakis, the boots were a bit more noticeable than they might have been had I been wearing dark blue, navy, or black pants. But I wasn’t… tan khakis were my choice for the day’s dress.

All other senior officials wear suits to this briefing. I, fortunately, do not have to wear suits to work and I do not. (I hate suits… getting me to wear a tie was a significant struggle. I dislike the confinement that I feel with “nooses” too.)

Anyway, this senior leader who knows me looked at my boots, then up to my face, then down again to my boots and after the briefing ended, he came up to me and asked, “are those boots?”

Many “flip” answers ran through my head, but I retained my professionalism. I simply said, “yessir! Like em?”

I was not sure what to expect in reply. This gentleman is a very senior leader with decades of outstanding service to our country.

The response that I got, though, was surprising.

“Yes, I do. They look good. I mean real sharp. Where’d you get them?”

And for about five minutes, we had a nice discussion about boots.

My hope, though, that he would buy a pair of boots and wear them were dashed when he concluded the conversation with, “you can pull that off. I can’t and don’t want to. But they look good on you.”

That was that. But it’s always nice to be complimented on the dress cowboy boots that I wear regularly to work.

Life is short: wear boots to work! They’re sharp!

*TBC: “The Big Cheese” (big boss… most senior leader.)