Busy Before Big Ride

This past weekend finds me really busy. Last-minute change has me making adjustments.

The most surprising and interesting last-minute change was from the company that will be renting me a Harley when I get to Utah. The rental facility representative wrote to me and said,

I have you reserving a Heritage Softail. Because of unforeseen circumstances, we are short Softails. I would like to upgrade you to a new 2017 Milwaukee Eight Harley Road King.

Hmmm… that is the model of Harley that I own and ride.

However, I was concerned because the seat height of my model Road King is uncomfortably high for me. It is harder and harder for this old fart to mount and dismount my bike. My hips do not have the agility that they once did.

That’s why I ordered a Softail — that was the model that I rented in Hawaii in March. Its low seat height was very comfortable.

I called and spoke with the Harley rental agent, who assured me that the 2017 Road King has adjustable seat height, and that he would lower it a little for me.

Further, I rode to my own Harley dealership yesterday and sat on the exact same model 2017 Road King as I will be renting. It’s “as-factory-shipped” seat height is 1.5 inches (almost 4cm) lower than the seat height of my 2008 Road King. It fit great!

Also, my riding position is normal. That was another thing that I had to do with my own Harley — I had to replace the handlebars with different bars that had a longer reach, so I would not have to bend forward when riding, which was killing my lower back.

Apparently, the Motor Company learned some lessons from us shorter guys and made their bikes more comfortable for us, rather than design them to fit men who are six-feet tall (183cm) or taller. I am not as tall as my towering twin brother, and have had to accommodate in many ways.

So now that I have the Harley seat height figured out, it’s time to get all my LOLITS stocked up on groceries, and prepare meals for the spouse to have available while I am gone.

Trip comes up soon… can’t wait.

Life is short: understand what you’re getting into, and also care for those you love.