Humorous Messages from Pakistan

Having a website that displays my cowboy/motorcycle/work/dress boots and motorcycle gear collections in the United States written in American English has amusing consequences.

There are a number of people from Sialkot, Pakistan, who use search engines, find my website, and send messages to me frequently. I delete all of those messages, but find some of them quite amusing. Here is a case in point:

Name: Nauman Arif
EmailAddr: [removed for this posting]
Location: Pakistan
Message: Do you need motorcycle boots

Nauman Arif
Church street murad pur sialkot pakistan

Hmmm… do I “need” motorcycle boots?

This just caught my funny bone. I laughed very hard when I read this. Me? Booted Harleydude? “NEED” motorcycle boots? Hardeharharhar.

No, I don’t really “need” motorcycle boots. In fact, I have been slowly thinning the herd. I am finding that as I age, tall boots become more and more uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Especially Wescos. I’m kinda “done” with Wesco boots. Been there, done that, rode thousands and thousands of miles wearing them, but probably not any more (or for great lengths of time.) My ol’ body does not take well to wearing 10-pound (4.5kg) weights on the bottom of each foot. (I struggle enough to bench press 250 pounds. Naahhh… not really. I’m no gym rat.) I don’t hang out at leather bars or attend events where guys wear those boots.

However, I still will wear police patrol boots with leather or cloth breeches, because I like the style.

But mostly these days, I find my preferences for motorcycle boots to be shorter. My favorites remain Chippewa Firefighter boots followed closely by harness boots. I prefer the square toe and masculine appearance. I still wear engineer boots, too. I dunno… I remain a biker with multibooted tastes and preferences that vary with the weather, conditions, destination, and my general mood-of-the-moment.

But back to the topic, do I “need” motorcycle boots? No, I do not. Do I want more motorcycle boots? Not really, but still if I see a boot that really catches my eye and is made from quality materials and craftsmanship, I may consider it. (Look here on my boot wiki for a new discovery-to-me that I just posted on the wiki, and click on the website linked at the bottom of the page.)

But I will not buy cheap crap from Pakistan. So despite having a direct link that says “Pakistan?” on my website write-to-me page that explains in Punjabi that I do not operate a store or buy leather goods or boots for retail marketing, I still get messages from aggressive Pakistani leather/boots vendors who just don’t understand my website mostly because they probably see so many on-line stores on the web that they think that my website looks yet another rich American retailer. They do not understand English to see that I clearly say all over the place, “I do not operate a store or sell boots or leather.”

Oh well, good for amusement from time to time.

Life is short: know what you like and also what you “need”. LOL.

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