Lots of Rolling But No Thunder

Once again, this coming weekend which includes the Memorial Day holiday on Monday will involve 500 miles of rolling, but strangely non-thunderous. Why?

Once again, instead of participating in “The Ride To The Wall” on Sunday (aka “30th Annual Rolling Thunder”), the Spouse and I will be tending to his 89-year-old mother who lives in a small borough near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lots of reddin’ up da place required after a long winter of neglect.

We arrange for a lawn care service to mow her lawn, but this Spring, they claim that they forgot. So when the lawn grew to be a foot high, the troubled and tormented man who lives next door to the M-I-L called the police to report a violation of a municipal code requiring lawns to be kept mowed. He did not speak with the M-I-L or offer to mow the little patch of grass as a neighborly thing to do. No, he called the cops. What a jerk.

This guy who lives next door is no “neighbor.” He deserves a special place in hell for his tormented soul. He was the one who called the cops on me a few years ago when I mowed the lawn 3 inches over the border of his property.

Anyway, the M-I-L was visited by the police who were actually quite understanding and polite. We spoke with them when we found out about it to assure them that we have made arrangements for lawn-mowing. We have two weeks to get it done. Now if the daily rain would only stop…

But M-I-L in her old age and state of confusion was convinced that she was going to be arrested and thrown in jail. She called my spouse every day, sometimes two or three times a day, crying hysterically in fear of being imprisoned. Nothing we could say would calm her more than an hour before she would start crying and wailing again.

Actually, it is us who should have the man who lives next door arrested for tormenting a mentally-challenged old lady like that. And he knew precisely what he was doing. He is on a vendetta to force the M-I-L to move. I don’t quite know why, because she never goes outdoors any more, does not have a car so she does not take up street parking (other than when her caregivers come over to assist throughout the week.) All M-I-L does is sit in her dark little house and watch TV. I just don’t get it why this man is so mean and vindictive.

Unfortunately, that is the nature of the poor little borough in which M-I-L lives. People who live there are nasty, angry, and troubled. It is an awful place riddled with severe economic and social decline.

While there will not be thunder from my Harley this weekend, there indeed may be some thunder if I see that nutjob who lives next door to my mother-in-law. Who knows, perhaps I will be the one in jail.

Naaaahhhh… I have other plans that involve laying on the biggest guilt trip this guy has ever seen. Just you wait; it’s gonna be good. (evil grin.)

Life is short: do what you have to do to show those you love how you love them.