Tecovas Review II

I wrote a post on this blog on March 7 about a new pair of Tecovas boots that I bought. I had recently discovered the brand.

Now that I have had the boots for a while and have broken them in, my opinion and review of these boots has changed a little…and not better. Read on…

I find these boots very hard to pull on, and even harder to remove. The instep was tight when I got them, but even with wear and walking, the leather on the instep has not stretched. These boots are damn hard to remove, even with a boot jack.

Last Saturday I wore those boots for a few hours, and my feet felt fine. These boots look good and feel great on the feet. The weather was warm and somewhat humid. (Remember that for later…).

When I got home from running errands (which required a lot of walking in grocery stores escorting lovely old ladies), I was tired from jet lag, and wanted to take a nap. Struggle as I might, I just could not get those boots off my feet.

“Help,” I called to the Spouse. He entered my room and saw the exasperated look on my face. I had gotten the right boot over my ankle, but it was stuck. My foot was forced into an odd angle and I was (temporarily) in agonizing pain. The Spouse was able to pull off the boot and also its mate.

I realized that I was wearing my usual comfort socks made of wool, cotton, and rayon — quality socks that I always wear. But the socks were too thick. Even for a boot sized one full size larger than I usually wear.

Yep — I ordered these boots at size 11D when my Brannock device measurement is a true 10D. Something warned me to upsize the boots when I bought them, and I am glad my instincts advised same.

The boots feel fine once they are on. But man oh man, they’re not easy to pull on and even harder to remove once my feet get hot and sweaty from wearing them on a warm, humid day, and walking a lot.

So my opinion of Tecovas Boots has changed somewhat. These boots are great for looks and price. But perhaps not for older feet.

I say that because as a man ages, his feet spread a little and the arch slowly falls. I don’t have flat feet, but my feet are not quite the shape they were in my 20s or 30s. I have found that I have had to order wider width (U.S. “E” for some boots that are available in that width) or longer (U.S. 10.5 or 11) than what the Brannock device says is my foot size.

Oh well… I continue to live and learn. Not all boots fit all men the same. Especially boots designed by a Millennial who hasn’t experienced this aging foot-spread problem. (No slight against the owner of Tecovas Boots. I still admire his inspiration to build and promote this boot brand and encourage young men to promote wearing boots since so few young’uns will wear boots any more.)

BTW, my resolution to fix this is to wear thin socks when I wear these boots, and dust the socks with talc before pulling the boots on. That worked when I wore the boots again on Sunday.

Life is short: know your feet and how they change in shape with age.