Diversion by Bikers

For those outside the Washington DC area, it is hard to know just how much the divisiveness of U.S. politics has become such a lightning rod for anger (on both sides of politics) that it is in the ether of the local atmosphere where I live. There is no way to avoid hearing about it.

People in grocery stores or shops are abuzz. Neighbors have visitors from out of town who have come to DC to join demonstrations and marches. In fact, even in my own family, two siblings who live in distant states arrived yesterday, and they plan to participate in an enormous anti-buffoon protest scheduled today. It was all the talk at the family dinner last night, and I left it early because I had enough. Basta!

Where does that leave me — one who has gone into a self-imposed news blackout, or a “mental-health avoidance void?”

Well ==> the alternative. A couple bikers (JB, my bike cop pal, and another guy from my riding club), will “bikenap” me and take me…

…for a ride today. I sure hope the weather cooperates. It is forecast to dry up for the afternoon and reach temperatures in the low 50s (on the outdated and antiquated Fahrenheit scale, 11s on the correct Celsius scale).

I do not care where we go, just that we go. Anywhere…

The feeling of freedom one has astride his iron horse while riding in the open air is both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. A ride will divert my attention from gloom-and-doom and return my spirit to a happier place. And what’s better than to ride with two buddies who “get it.” They also are looking for diversion from this political mess as much as I am.

Plus, this ride will give me an opportunity to put my new Langlitz Padded Columbia jacket to the test. (smile.)

What about my spouse? He cannot ride with me, but he is much better at finding things to do on his own. He does not drive, so he will not be out in the public to overhear ugly, divisive chatter. He will not turn on television. He has tons of books to read as he continues to pursue his second bachelor’s degree (just for interest or fun.)

So come on, Mother Nature. Give me a decent window to ride.

Blog readers, check back for the results tomorrow.

Life is short: move on, move out, and leather up and ride!

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  1. Good luck to you. I hope you have great riding weather…..and I hope you achieve your other goal in avoiding the political stuff going on right now. Too much of it isn’t good for anyone.

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