I am back to my 2016 bah-humbug self. The shot of Christmas Spirit from visiting with my friends last Saturday night and going Christmas caroling for the 44th year in a row has withered.

Some readers are not aware that I live in the news market for Washington, DC. As such, national news is local news. I’m surrounded all the time with “news” about the incoming tragedy to be effective January 20, 2017.

This “news” is unavoidable in my area. It’s in the ozone and the air (which for now is breathable, but not for long once the destructionists and deniers become federal government agency heads). It evokes great sadness…

… and continues to affect me deeply. I do not have the heart to do anything, or even to smile for that matter.

Some say, “show ’em what you’ve got! Rise above adversity! Show them how a confident man who believes and (once had) faith in humanity and decency should behave!”

Sorry… I am really struggling. I just do not have the heart for it.

Part of my situation involves how my spouse is feeling. One word: rotten. When he continues to feel physically unwell, I oppose it with positive spirit and energy. I love him with all of my heart and soul, and it shows. As I change his bandages, take off work early again and again to cart him around to doctor’s offices for tests and office visits, pick up supplies and prescriptions from the pharmacy, so forth and so on, I pour the last remaining energy that I have into caring for him.

But that is all the positivity I can muster.

I was dreaming of “getting out of Dodge” (going away) around January 20. Last place I want to be is anywhere near or in Washington, DC, that day or days running up to it. I have enough frequent flier miles to fly my spouse and me anywhere first class. I picked out a secluded, private beach on my favorite Caribbean island. I tried very hard to convince the spouse to give it a go… but try as I might, he won’t budge. I will not go anywhere (for fun) without him, and the weather will be too cold to ride my Harley… so I’ll be stuck at home on January 20.

The disaster of November 8 continues to haunt me and have a significant impact on my spirit.

Sorry to write such a downer message. Somehow blogging is cathartic and helps me deal with my sadness and deep grief for the country I once loved.

Life is short: keep moving forward, one bootstep at a time.