Can Straight Men Wear Cowboy Boots?

Okay, another internet search landed a visitor to my website. The question was, “Can straight men wear cowboy boots?”

That’s a different take on what searches usually direct to my website. Usually, the question is whether gay men “can” wear cowboy boots.

Okay, inquirer from Iowa, USA, I am here once again to disabuse the notion that there is any relationship at all between one’s sexual orientation and what he chooses to wear on his feet.

Yep, straight men “can” wear cowboy boots. Go ask a rodeo cowboy or working cowboy if he is gay or straight, then determine whether or not he “can” wear cowboy boots.

I keep putting the word “can” in quotes, because it really is not a matter of whether it is possible for a man (gay or straight) to wear cowboy boots, but whether in the opinion of some people overly-influenced by the internet and garbage they hear or read due to stereotyping that a guy should, could, or would wear cowboy boots.

Get over it. Guys wear boots — especially in Iowa! Come on! Whatcha smokin’?

Life is short: wear boots.

1 thought on “Can Straight Men Wear Cowboy Boots?

  1. James Dalton said: I was actually looking for something else in Google, but this title came up and I had to check it out. This is one of the funniest things that I have read today. I think the fact that someone really spent their time looking to for a cosign so that he can wear cowboy boots. I will have to direct some of my friends to this post cause I am still laughing that someone really searched for that.

    (Note from BHD: the original post was deleted because it included an embedded link to a commercial website which is a violation of this blog's posting policy.)

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