Fall Leather and Leaf Color

I accomplished many chores over the weekend, from home fix-it jobs on the spouse’s “honey-do” list, to caring for my lovely senior pals in taking them grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and other fun stuff like that.

I was all done by early afternoon on Sunday. The spouse said, “considering that the weather is so nice today, and that you will be having to take care of me after tomorrow’s procedure, why don’t you go for a ride on your Harley?

Man, he didn’t have to ask me twice. I called…

…my favorite motorcycle riding cousin, as well as a couple riding buddies, but they were all busy. I decided to ride my myself to see if I could find some fall leaf change color in the two hours I had to ride.

The weather was perfect “leather weather.” It was 63F (17C), so a pair of leather jeans and a lightweight leather jacket would work great. I decided to forgo the ballistic nylon gear since that gear is made for warmer weather. Now it is fully Leather Weather!

I geared up in colorful leather for this ride. Blue leather jeans, my lightweight Langlitz Crescent jacket, and Chippewa Harness boots, checked out and hopped on the Harley, and was off.roadking96Around my neck of the woods in suburban Maryland, leaves are changing, but mostly from green to brown to down. We do not have much leaf color around here. Oh well, the ride was refreshing and pleasant.

Home to the spouse, prepared dinner on the grill, then held his hand whilst sitting next to him to watch some TV until bedtime. Ahhhh… peace and contentment; just the way I like it.

Life is short: ride when you can and always wear protective gear, motorcycle boots, and a DOT-listed helmet when riding a motorcycle.