Clearing the head

I remain saddened and am grieving for the loss of my dear friend who died unexpectedly on Feb. 1. But it’s no fun moping around the house, and my partner doesn’t know what to do with me when I get this way.

Sunday afternoon was exceptionally pleasant and unusually warm for early February. So I booted up in my tall brown Wesco harness boots, leathered up my legs and body, and went for a ride. My partner filmed me doing some spins in a parking lot, which I’m using as a sales vid since I am selling my current Harley so I can get another one soon.

I also shot a vid and posted it on YouTube of the boots on the bike. I had always fantasized about the “boots on bike” thing since CHiPs back in the ’70s. I got to do my own. A nice ride in boots and leather on a nice day helped clear my head and prepare me for a difficult week ahead.