Spamming This Blog

One of the unfortunate things that bloggers have to deal with are those nefarious bot-driven spammers. The one that occurs on this blog most frequently is from those idiots in India who use fake American-sounding names with messages about SEO (search engine optimization). They attempt to post comments on several of my blog posts. The comments all begin with, …

“Hello Web Admin, I noticed that your On-Page SEO is is missing a few factors,…”

Fortunately, I have several spam intercepts built into my blog that capture these messages. Also, I require all comments to be moderated anyway, so I will see a comment before it appears on the blog. That way, I know who is commenting (and I appreciate it from those who do), know what they are saying, and if I should write a comment in reply.

The nefarious people behind these spammers are attempting to promote their business for which they charge fees for writing code that proposes to make this blog more easily found by search engines.

No thank you.

This blog is found by plenty of search engines every day. In fact, over 98% of this blog’s visitors are driven here by search engines. If their claim that “I am missing factors” that contribute to good search engine optimization is correct, then I would not have nearly as many visitors as I do. Literally thousands each day.

I also take umbrage with people who lie — those who pretend to be from the United States, but when you trace them back to origin (which I can do), I find out that they are from India. Always India.

So you liars from India — go bother someone else.

I know that will never happen because their spamming is automated as they troll the world-wide-web for their next victim. They would not do that unless they had some success.

But never with me. Liar liar pants-on-fire.


Life is short: wear boots, be honest, and block spam.