More Cowboy Boots Than Motorcycle Boots?

rp_Chipost05.jpgI received an email the other day that struck me funny. It said,

You should change your name from Booted “Harley” dude to Cowboy Booted Dude because you have more cowboy boots than motorcycle boots.

Well, that’s true. Why?

I just looked at my current collections of motorcycle boots and cowboy boots, and even when taking out boots that I don’t wear any more (like my Frye Boots), I have about 40 more pairs of cowboy boots than motorcycle boots.

Sole04However, with more than 80 pairs of motorcycle boots (including my patrol boots), that collection isn’t too shabby. However, with as little as I am riding my Harley these days (since I no longer commute to work with it), I could wear a different pair of motorcycle boots each day I ride and have enough to last more than a year.

I wear cowboy boots to work every day — with dress clothes and even when I have to wear a jacket and tie. Cowboy boots provide a huge variety of choices — colors, inlays, designs, toe styles, exotic skins — you name it, cowboy boots are much more interesting than motorcycle boots.

Lucblue05I have always had a passion and an eye for good-looking cowboy boots. I am intrigued by the choices of color that boot skins are dyed — way beyond the traditional black, brown, and black cherry. I will wear boots with colorful inlays and exotic skins that show off the design of the boot, as well as classy and different style.

Every day, I see guys (and gals) in the office do the “boot bounce” when they see me. That is, they look at my face, then glance down to see what boots I have on. Even TBC (the Big Cheese) frequently looks at what boots I am wearing during our daily morning briefing.

A few people (not many, but a few) say something about the boots I am wearing. What do they say? Usually I hear, “nice boots, what are they (made of)?” Many of the “boot curious” are thinking, “man, I wish I had his (courage) (class) (style sense).” You decide — but all comments I hear are positive.

Legendaryoffice2Twenty years ago or so when I worked at a more reserved and drab, dull working environment with colleagues who were mostly retired military (and thus always wore suits and dorky dress shoes even though the dress code was casual), a couple guys would ask dumb questions like, “where did you park your horse?”

I got sick of the silly questions and decided to respond one day by pointing out the window toward the parking lot and saying, “he’s the big Palamino right there. Oh look, he just took a crap on some Beemer.” (Knowing full well that Mr. Silly who asked me that question owned that BMW.)

Jeans4Back to the subject of this post — yes, I own and wear more cowboy boots than motorcycle boots. But I always have. Why? There are not as many “interesting” styles of motorcycle boots as there are cowboy boots. And for a guy like me, “interesting” is what fills my passion for boots and why my collections are what they are.

Life is short: wear boots with passion!