Weekly Pakistani Spam

I have to give the Pakistani leather vendors credit. They sure are aggressive and love to use search engines to identify places to market their poorly-made, low-quality, leather products.

At least once each week, sometimes more frequently, something like this appears in my email:

Respected Sir / Madam

Greatings with the wounderful name of Lord,

I am representative of [name of Pakistani Leather Company] which is situated in sialkot pakistan, we have a wish to introduce serves as a leading Exporter/Manufacturer of leather sports goods due to our fine and valuable competitive price. We have a plus character in the world market of leather motorbike/leather garments/leather sports goods etc, our products are as fallow !
__Leather jackets
__Cordura jackets
__Fashion jackets
__Safety jackets
__Safety protectors
__Working gloves
__Saddle Bags

Our Objectives
__Provided quality in cheap price.
__Honesty is our pride.
__We want introduced our product to all the markets.

For your trust give us opportunity to serve, we will serve you, will good manners. If you trust us and purchase our products then we will give you. Discount price more then the markets. We also work on party design. So I request you do business with us, I am very hoppy to serve.

Well, at least this one was entertaining. “We also work on party design.” Giggle. So if I won’t buy cheap junk from him, he will organize my next party? What’s with that?

“I am very hoppy to serve.” The Easter Bunny would be pleased to know that.

It comes via my “write to me” page on my website — where it clearly says,

If you are from Pakistan, do NOT write to me to sell me stuff. I am NOT interested!

اگر اپ سے پاکستان میں نہیں. مجھے نہیں کرنا
چاہتے ہیں خریدنے کا سستے کباڑ.

The language is Urdu, which is the predominant language of Pakistan. I guess the people who go to the trouble to send me their messages cannot or refuse to read, or choose to ignore, “if you are from Pakistan, I do not want to buy your cheap junk.”

Life is short: callin’ ’em as I see ’em.