New Motorcycle Gear for My Birthday

HelmetnewAug2016I am pleased to present updated riding gear that I received (or purchased for myself) to celebrate having healed my injuries from the motorcycle crash on 31 May and getting back on my Harley.

As I indicated in a previous post, when a helmet absorbs the shock of a crash, it must be replaced. My new…

…SuperSEER helmet arrived the other day. I installed the in-helmet speakers and microphone connection for my CB radio, and the quick-release chin strap connection, and I was in business.

I also received a Rev’IT white ATG summer riding jacket from the spouse. How thoughtful. I am a full supporter of ATGATT (all-the-gear-all-the-time), so having this jacket which is lighter weight and exceptionally well-ventilated is a great choice to wear this time of year when I ride. The weather has been brutally hot.

I treated myself to a new pair of Fox Creek leather overpants. These are better than chaps and are designed like Langlitz Westerns, but for 1/3 the price (Langlitz gear made in Portland, Oregon, is great, but extremely expensive. Fox Creek Leather of Roanoke, Virginia, is a terrific, more affordable, alternative). These overpants have zippers down the outseam and are designed to wear over pants like one wears chaps. However, they have a full seat and cover the front (crotch area) and butt.

These overpants fit and wear much like regular leather jeans, so that is how I wear them. With plenty of pockets, belt loops, and a zip-fly, they look and feel like the leathers I wear regularly during cool months.

Add the requisite lug-soled motorcycle boots and gloves, and I’m on the road.Roadking92Life is short: update the gear for a safe ride!

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  1. Nice gear. I’ve put the helmet in my wish list, it looks very well made.
    (these days I use a full face Arai, but with this hot weather …)

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