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Planting the annuals for the gardens is complete! Whoo-ee! Within the past few days, we also planted 31 tomato plants in planters on one of our decks. We started the tomatoes from seed in March, and grew them indoors (actually, a specially lit area built into one side of the room that I use for my basement boot closet. It’s a multifunctional space!) Hopefully, we will have a bountiful harvest come July. We keep the tomatoes and other vegetables in special planters on a deck, instead of a garden, so the deer and bunnies don’t get them before we do.

We put annuals in planters that we hang from our decks, as well. No sooner had we done that, then Mrs. Dodo Bird (mourning dove, but they’re not the brightest bulbs on the planet, so I call them “dodo birds”) dropped in some twigs and laid two eggs. She is keeping a careful eye on us from the nest. Thus is life with nature in suburbia.

Life is short: smile with relief when the myriad of planting activities that always happen this time of year are (almost) done!

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