Independence Day 240

FlagflyToday marks the holiday in the United States where we claim it is our nation’s 240th birthday. Actually, that is not quite true, but of all of our country’s holidays, this is the one I enjoy the most. Why?

…let me back up a bit to explain why this is not the 240th birthday of the United States. This is the date where by terms of the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s forefathers claimed independence from Great Britain.

Then came the Revolutionary War, and finally in 1783, a peace treaty was signed with the British, which formally recognized the sovereignty of what was then the United States of America.

Now, so-many-score and years later, I celebrate in two big ways:

1. This morning, I witnessed six friends who I coached, mentored, and tutored take the Oath of Allegiance and officially become citizens of the United States. All of my friends legally resided in the U.S. and it took each of them seven to ten years to achieve this end result. The ceremony was quite moving and always brings a tear to my eye. But I was there, waving the flag, singing the National Anthem, and hugging my friends many wishes of happiness. Two of my friends are from Honduras; two are from Ecuador; one is from Egypt; and one is from Syria. All of them worked very hard to get their citizenship this year because they all want to vote in our elections this November — and it isn’t difficult to say why. They each want to vote against someone running for office who they think despises them, their families, and their religion. ‘Nuf said, great job, my friends!

2. Attend my usual first-of-the-season crab feast at my best friend’s house. Maryland blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay are the world’s finest. All others are imposters. 🙂

My spouse stays home while I go out and about celebrating. Later, we will snuggle close and watch the concert and fireworks in Washington, DC — on television.

Life is short: Happy Independence Day!FireworksDC2

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