Boots On Travel

PRblogSorry, loyal blog fans, I am unable to write much this week. I was cleared by the doc to travel now that my broken ribs have pretty much healed (and I can sleep in a real bed again), and today, I am in…

…my very favorite U.S. Commonwealth in the Caribbean for a huge, huge event that I had something to do with making happen.

Last time I was here, 15 months ago, I led a training session that led to accomplishment of the last milestones toward achieving a significant activity, and I am here on behalf of my employer to provide recognition.

I love this island, its people, its energy, and its enthusiasm!

I will write more later if I have time. I will be here all week for a series of events and meetings.

Life is short: celebrate accomplishments of a big team of hard-working people!

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