Traveling in Leather

My flight from San Francisco to my home airport departed on time and actually arrived 45 minutes early. Better yet, my suitcase made it onto the luggage carousel in under 20 minutes — a new record for BWI, which has, I believe, the world’s worst record of timely luggage delivery. Most of the time, I have had to wait an hour or more for my luggage to come out.

As soon as my bag came out, I pulled out my jacket and then my partner showed up. Great timing! We got home by midnight and I crashed.

So much so for the logistics of the return — let me tell you about a totally non-scientific “experiment” that I did. I brought leather jeans and a leather shirt with me on this trip. I wore these garments sometimes in my off times. I mean, after all, I was in San Francisco.

I recommend in my tutorial on “Air Travel with Leather Gear” that if you have expensive leathers, to put them in a carry-on instead of checked baggage. That’s because if the luggage gets lost, you will not lose an expensive investment.

While I was packing my things at the hotel for my return trip, I decided to wear my leather shirt and jeans instead of pack them. So there I was: dressed in full leather as I checked out of the hotel, rode BART to the airport, got my boarding pass, went through security screening (no problem), stopped to have some lunch, and made my way to a free wi-fi carol (sorta like one would find in a library). I used the internet until they began to call my flight.

I walked on board the plane, put my carry-on bag in the overhead compartment, sat in my window seat, and got comfy.

Throughout the two hours leading up to my flight, I was watching how other people looked at me. To be very honest — hardly anyone did. One guy said, “nice leathers!” and another one said, “woof!” (which made me smile) but that was it.

On the packed flight home, a guy in a business suit was seated in the middle seat next to me. He had all the toys of the rising star — laptop, not one but two Blackberries, AND an iPhone. He was busy juggling his gadgets and synchronizing them (or something) when he turned to me and said, “man, I wish I could be as comfortable as you.”

So there ‘ya go! Even the business-suited yuppies think that leather clothing is comfortable. I know it is, but not everyone knows it.

Upon arrival home, my partner’s first words when he saw me at the airport were, “hey, leatherdude!” which caused a few guys to spin their heads and look. I just smiled, embraced my partner, and we took off.

I still see a number of questions entered into Google that land on this blog asking about wearing leather in public. Honestly, it is Nobody cares. As long as your leather gear is decent, doesn’t leave certain parts hanging out, then wear it.

Life is short: get in gear!