23 Years Ago In Our Past Life

rp_Early.jpgThis is a reminiscent post. Exactly 23 years ago today, my life began a fundamental change. It began on T Steet, Northwest, Washington, DC, and a future really began on the National Mall within steps of the Washington Monument.

What was this life-changing experience?

Twenty-three years ago today, April 25, 1993, I met the man with whom I would form a life and would eventually marry when we legally could do so.

This man — my soulmate, partner, lover, best friend, husband — all of this and more — is the rock-solid foundation of my soul.

To think we met when assembling on an LGBT “March on Washington” to join the “leather contingent” with an “MC” club that we both had recently joined. It began simply enough with a handshake and hello, but soon began our mutual life-changing experience.

MOW1993There was very little actual “marching” going on. We mostly stood around among hundreds of thousands in downtown DC. While standing around, we talked all day about anything and everything. We both realized the other was smart, well-read and well-rounded, and that we shared similar values. While we had different experiences growing up, we both shared the same commitment and dedication to family.

We knew that day that we had a future together.

We dated, courted, romanced and five years after we met, we built the house that we live in now.

Marriage0320 years (approximately) from the day we met, we married. Whoda thunk? 20 years from the day we met, that day was never.

I take a moment today to recall fondly a monumental day in our lives and to share that even 23 years later, I remain head over bootheels in love with my man.

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