Pakistani Leather Vendors

Man, these guys won’t give up!  They barrage me with email begging me to buy their stuff, or serve as a U.S. reseller for their junk.  Another one has been creative, and has attempted to leave comments on this blog that has an embedded link back to a company’s website — the company being a cheap leather vendor in Pakistan.

I do not recommend cheap leather goods from Pakistan because the quality is poor, the leather is blemished, and the construction is bad.  At least that has been my observation for any leather gear I have seen from there.  That’s why I don’t recommend leather vendors like and jammin leather, whose products (most of them, anyway) originate from there.

If you want the good stuff, invest in quality gear from reputable vendors in the U.S., Canada, and Germany, for example.

‘nuf said… I have much to catch up on upon my return from business travel.

Life is short:  don’t bother with cheap leather goods from Pakistan.