Change of Plans

Well, I survived the week out west… but just barely. Why?

…when my plane arrived last Sunday after a very long flight, I was sniffling. I thought perhaps that I was coming down with a cold.

Sure ‘nuf, I did. By Monday, I got through my big session in the morning, but the rest of the day went downhill from there. By Tuesday, I was spiking a fever.

Friends went to the drug store for me to get me some fruit juice and OTC remedies, which helped alleviate symptoms. But by the time I flew home yesterday, I was still miserable.

I will go see my regular doc as soon as he can fit me in for an emergency visit, and meanwhile, I will rest at home, drink fluids, eat chicken soup, and take care of myself.

My spouse told his mother that we’re not coming to see her this weekend. I am in no condition to drive a 500-mile round trip in two days.

I may have to cancel or rearrange my plans for my usual Thanksgiving potluck for seniors. I have to speak with my sister, the co-lead instigator, about what to do about that. She may have alternatives that won’t require cancellation.

There never is a good time to get sick, but the timing here is about the worst. Oh well, I have my spouse, family, and friends to take care of me. I have a great support system at home, so I’ll get better. Soon.

Life is short: rearrange plans when you’re sick.