Why Do People Wear Cowboy Boots?

From another Google search, someone from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, entered:

While this person can’t spel (and since I was educamated in Oklahoma, I know we were taught the difference between “wear” and “were,”) nonetheless, this person’s query will be answered.

Why do people wear cowboy boots?  From my perspective, as an every-day boot wearer, I would say:

1) Cowboy boots look good — as good (or in my opinion, better) than dress shoes, worn with slacks or pants over them.  I wear them to the office in a professional setting all the time.  So do many other men who don’t have hang-ups about what’s on their feet or fears about what others may say. (And no, one does not “have” to wear a cowboy hat when wearing cowboy boots.)

2)  Cowboy boots feel good — boots feel solid on the foot.  Well-made cowboy boots are sturdy, but flexible.  They are easy to walk in and yet are rigid enough to protect the ankle.

3)  Cowboy boots come in a variety of colors, shapes of toes, and can be plain or fancy — to fit the wearer’s interest and style.

4)  Cowboy boots can have a higher heel (compared with dress shoes).  Some guys like a little more height than what God has given them.  And I’m not talking about spikey heels.  I’m talking about a “cowboy walking heel” which is 1-5/8″ to 1-3/4″ high — about an inch higher than a typical shoe heel, and yet not so high as to make it difficult to walk in them.  Some cowboy boots have heels from two to three inches, or more.  I have trouble walking in heels higher than two inches, so most of my cowboy boots have walking heels — for my comfort.

5)  Cowboy boots (or any real boot for that matter) provides better protection to the ankle which can be injured easily by a trip or fall.

6)  Some men wear cowboy boots because of the culture of where they live.  Heck, this question was asked in Oklahoma City?  Goodness gracious, lots and lots of men wear cowboy boots there all the time.

Now, on another matter, this search via Yahoo asked, “can you cowboy boots in ice?” It was from North Carolina. Just goes to demonstrate that what people enter into search engines does not have to makes sense, but ends up on this blog, anyway.

Cowboy boots with smooth leather soles on ice? Come on! Ya’ gotta be kiddin’! Well, you can wear cowboy boots when there is ice and snow on the ground, but if you do not want to end up on your ass with a broken ankle or leg, you might want to re-think that … wear sturdy, tall boots with soles that have good traction, and remember that no boot sole, no matter how big the lugs, can prevent a fall on ice. ‘nuf said.

Life is short:  stop obsessing.  WEAR boots, but in the right place at the right time!