On The Road Again

Taking a bit of a break while driving my new cage across Pennsylvania…

…to bring my spouse to his mother’s home. I’ll do my usual thing… run errands and prepare meals for the week. I will return on Sunday for another week of “bachin’ it” as my friend in the frozen north would say.

I’ve had a very busy week at work. Top it off by being invited to the boss’ house for dinner on Thursday night with colleagues who were in town for a week of intense meetings. The dinner was great; the boss and his wife are terrific hosts.

However, I didn’t get home that night until 10:30, after dropping off some colleagues at their hotel.

I was groggy and totally out of whack all day Friday. I have learned that no matter how nice an event or invitation may be for something during the evening on a work night, if I can’t be home and in bed by 9pm at the latest, I will have to decline. I can’t survive on a short night of sleep once in a while. No while… no more.

My body clock still rings the alarm at 0400, no matter how late I got in the night before. So evening activities on a work night just will have to be declined. Two days later, and I’m still out of sorts. (No worries, I just ordered some more sorts. They should arrive shortly.)

This trip to Pittsburgh adds to the exhaustion, but as I always say,

Life is short: show those you love how you love them, each and every day.

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