A Bag of Wet Sand

We all have people that we “have” to work with for various reasons.  Some people are friendly, warm, and affable.  Some people are professionally perfunctory.  Some people are perplexing.  Some people are cold and distant.

One person I have to work with is pleasant enough, but dragging a conversation from her is difficult.  She is cold, but not unpleasant.  She is well-mannered, but she has no personality.  She is so much like — what I was describing to a friend — a bag of wet sand.  There is really no other way to describe it.  It’s like you have to push this cold, damp gooky stuff around to get anything productive from a conversation.

I don’t know why some people are like that.  Just stuck like a heavy bag that you have to poke and prod to deal with.  Oh well, it takes all kinds, and frankly I’d rather have someone with a personality of cold wet sand than one who is perpetually angry and agitated.

So much for civic life.  Bags of sand are out there.

Life is short:  when confronted with a bag of wet sand, build a berm.

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