Cowboy Boot Questions

rp_Lucostrich07.jpgI have a snippet of software that collects the most frequent questions entered into internet search engines that direct visitors to my website.

Here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions (with short answers)…

1. Should men wear cowboy boots? (or variants thereof, such as “should I wear boots to the office?”)

Answer: yes. Simple as that. Yes, men SHOULD wear cowboy boots, and wear them frequently — to the office, around town, everywhere.

2. What should guys wear with cowboy boots?

Answer: long pants. Dress slacks or denim jeans are great choices. Shorts are not (for men.) Regular shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt — all fine. Suits with cowboy boots are also a great combination.

Lucrattlesnake153. What kind of socks to wear with cowboy boots?

Answer: This blog post explains in detail: Recommendations for Socks with Boots.

4. What jeans to wear with cowboy boots?

Answer: This section on my website explains in detail: Choices of jeans with cowboy boots.

5. What is the purpose of pants inside cowboy boots?

Answer: to protect pants from getting dirty. For men, wearing jeans or pants inside boots is only done when on horseback or working on a farm or other area where pants may get dirty from splashed mud or other muck.

Life is short: wear cowboy boots!

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  1. I would add to #5:

    And wearing jeans inside is done just because you feel like it. 🙂

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