Resting to Recover

I returned home from Hawaii yesterday uneventfully. However, from exposure to vog, lots of coughing & sneezing, etc., as well as being surrounded by many others also “under the weather,” I have developed a whopper of a cold. I am actually taking…

…a sick day to rest and recover.

One of my senior pals went grocery shopping for me yesterday, and bought me all of the ingredients I require to make my famously curative chicken soup. I did not have the energy to make it yesterday, but at 0300 today, I’m wide awake.

After posting this blog post, I’ll be headed to the kitchen to cook. Yep… nothing like homemade chicken soup in the morning… breakfast of champions.

Fortunately, the spouse is in another room in the back of the house so he will not be disturbed by my coughing during the night, or my cooking in the wee hours of the morning.

I will return to writing on this blog when I feel better.

Life is short: take time to rest and recover!

3 thoughts on “Resting to Recover

  1. I thought “vog” was a typo until I Googled it. I wouldn’t do well breathing it, either!

    Get well soon!

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