How To Wear A Boot

Why on Earth would anyone enter the question, “how to wear a boot?” into google?  But that’s what two people have done in the past two days.  Here are some answers:

1.  Sit down.  Pull up your pants leg.  Identify your left foot.  Identify the left boot.  Pull it on the left foot.
2.  Repeat with the right leg and foot.

3.  Stand up.

You’re done.  So that’s how to wear a boot.  Well, actually two boots, but you get the gist.  🙂

Option two:

1.  Do the procedure as in Option one above, but begin with the right leg and right foot, and repeat with the left leg and left foot.

2.  It doesn’t mean a thing if you put your boots on starting with one leg or the other.  Some guys are left-booted and some guys are right-booted.   

Option three:

Answer:  on your feet.  Boots look better than than on your hands, for example.

Life is short:  wear boots!