Most people remember September 11 as a date in 2001. I remember it as a date in 1998, the day my Mom died. I’ve described it before, here and here. No need to repeat.

Part of my reason for taking a blog break is to remember a great woman who meant the world to me, who nurtured me, who loved me … regardless … and who let me make mistakes and learn from them. She taught me right from wrong, to be civil, caring, and loving. She led by example. She nourished my soul, and supported me as I grew up and became the man I am today.

At first she was bewildered about the fact that I am gay, but was determined to learn more about my sexual orientation and grew to understand… and continue her love. She never gave up on me, though I sure put her through some trials. She grew to love my partner, understanding that he would keep me safe, sane, and supported. That’s all she really wanted for me: to have a good life and to share it with someone I love and who loves me unconditionally.

I sure miss her… lots… today and every day I think, “what would Mom say?” and then use her gentle guidance to lead me in what I do, and to care for those I love. What a treasure it was to have her for the 41 years that I did, and to continue to have her spirit lead me toward my future.

Rest in peace, Mom. I always love you.

By the way, please remember that the date is September 11, 2001, not “nine-eleven.” That media shorthand term always bugs me. end-of-rant.

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