A Leatherman Biker

Or am I a “Biker – Leatherman?” Either way, or as the kids say, “whatever….”

I have always enjoyed wearing leather. I wear leather clothing regularly, and not always while riding my motorcycle. Leather is an investment. Good quality, custom-made gear isn’t cheap. There’s no sense in having the gear if you only wear it once or twice each year to a leather fashion show or stand around posing in it at a bar.

Most guys have a leather jacket or two, and wear them regularly. Some guys (with or without a motorcycle) have other leather garments: chaps, pants, vests, and shirts. Yeah, I’ve got it all… and wear it when the weather is suitable.

The other day, a box arrived at my door. I had been waiting ten weeks since I ordered it — a new pair of traditional “retro” motorcycle chaps. Chaps are great for wearing while riding a motorcycle, as they provide warm and protection, and look good, too. (Info on why bikers wear chaps is here.)

My first leather investment besides a jacket was a pair of chaps from a guy who called himself “The Leathermaker.” He made custom-to-fit chaps that had a solid band across the back, and a custom closure across the front. The chaps zipped closed on the outside seam, which bikers like me prefer because an inside zipper is liable to scratch a motorcycle’s paint.

I loved those old “Leathermaker” chaps. Alas, my size has changed since I bought them in 1977. Yeah, 33 years later, it was time to upgrade. I had always wanted another pair of chaps just like those, but since D. Lyn Sterling, the guy who made those chaps, died in 1987 (reference), I thought chaps made like that were history.

Well, not… while surfing the 665 Leather website, there they were. At the time I was looking, 665 was offering a 15% discount off of any one item. It was time to act.

These chaps are hot. Woofity-hot. And really cool-lookin’, too. I can’t wait to go out and ride with them… soon.

Life is short: wear your gear!