Mobile-Friendly Website Adjusting

Admittedly, I remain a steadfast dinosaur when it comes to acquiring and using a mobile device. For many years, I have strongly resented the outrageous prices charged for data plans that enable smartphones. Companies that are filthy rich get richer off those who pay whatever the companies want to charge, and in my opinion, are throwing away thousands of dollars every year in exchange for the minor conveniences that these devices offer.

Believe me, people still got along quite fine in the days before these devices became ubiquitous.

However, I realize that…

…while my spouse and I will be the last men on Earth to pay the monthly data plan ransom for those devices, there are millions of users of these things — not only smartphones, but also tablets. My statistical program shows that now over 80% of visitors to my website come from a mobile device, and 65% of the 80% of mobile device visitors to my website are from tablets (as far as I can tell).

Gone are the days of the traditional desktop or laptop computer. Even my spouse bought a Chromebook instead of a laptop when his old laptop gave up the ghost.

Instead of buying boots on a Black Friday sale, my spouse suggested that I buy a cheap tablet. And amazingly, the older versions are dirt cheap these days.

I just bought myself a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet for US$55. Wow… full MSRP is more than double that.

This tablet works with wifi which we already have in our home to connect our desktop, laptop, his Chromebook, and his Tivo to a networked, secured internet connection. I just negotiated blazingly fast increase in internet speed while reducing our monthly rate for such access with one of the big guys in the business. Fortunately, there are several companies in the area where we live that offer such services, so it is possible to compete one against the other and get faster service and lower cost.

But I digress… now I have a tablet. I used it to look at my website and this blog.

I was pleased to see that the blog, powered by WordPress, is already mobile-friendly. However, the website requires some adjustments. The banners at the top of main pages were too long, reducing the size of the viewable page below it. A random image script on my what’s new page was causing text below it to format badly for a tablet.

I am now making adjustments, such as reducing the length of the banners on the top of my main pages, as well as removing random image posting script from the what’s new page, among other adjustments. All as I have time — and it will require more time to make more changes.

I realize that while I pride myself in my “dinosaurism,” if I want my website to be useful for visitors, then I have to make changes to accommodate the devices that the majority of visitors use.

BTW, just because I bought a tablet and my spouse has one, too, don’t think that this is opening Pandora’s Box. We still refuse to pay the wallet-sucking prices demanded by filthy-rich companies for data plans. Wifi remains “good enough” for us.

Life is short: move grudgingly into the next century. My goodness, I’ll have to replace my copper wire landlines next. Uggghhhh…