Recovery "As Tolerated"

My orthopedic specialist told me on April 16 at my last visit with him about my broken leg that I could resume my usual activities “as tolerated.” We had a bit of an argument over wearing boots vs. sneakers, but otherwise, I took his information as a release from imprisonment.

… little did I know what he really meant …

I have to admit that I was in denial. Complete and utter denial. I exercised like crazy, went to physical therapy, got my boots back on my feet, went back to work, my schedule got busy, and I even went for a ride on my Harley.

Meanwhile, the ankle swelling and pain persists. I limp sometimes, even though I don’t think I should. I can walk up stairs normally, but still have to go down stairs one-at-a-time. I can wear most of my motorcycle boots (except police patrol boots with tighter insteps like Dehners), but I can’t wear most of my cowboy boots (still way too tight in the instep.) I still get very very tired at the end of the day, much more so than usual. And that’s completely bewildering to me. I’m eating normally, exercising, and sleeping my regular eight hours. I’m doing everything right, yet I am exhausted every evening.

… the doc said to expect this. I didn’t (want to) believe him …

So you’re not seeing me blog much about actually riding my Harley for a reason. I am admitting to myself that I am just not ready. Yet. I’m getting there, but the recovery is much, much, much slower than I had hoped, wanted, or have found it to be.

Life is short: admit when you’re wrong.

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