Homeward Bound, My Man Awaits

I have taken an unusual break from blogging, but that is because I have been very very busy. I truly enjoy doing what I do, and applying my organizational and professional skills over long days of meetings with people from all over the entire United States, its territories, and commonwealths. I love public speaking, facilitating meetings, and directing traffic. Seriously… and my boss thinks…

… “thank goodness it’s you and not me!”

That is one reason among many that we get along so well. We compliment each other’s skills and interests. He is by far the best boss I have ever had anywhere in my career. Anywhere.

But I digress. The meeting has ended, and it is time to pack up, boot up, and fly back home.

And as my spouse said, “glad it went well, but it’s time for you to be home.” I so agree.

I will slog through the airport and grumble at so many men wearing flip-flops — practically the only things that they can keep on their feet while going through security. Man, on my way here, I saw waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too many men — even a few in suits — with damn flip-flops on their feet. Silly!

While I was granted “TSA pre-check” on my outbound flight, meaning that I could go through a slightly faster security line, I still took my boots off at the magnetometer. No worries — get compliments on the boots by the TSA guys, anyway.

I am so looking forward to walking in the door and hugging the man I love. I have missed him so much! I spoke with him on the phone each day, but that is not nearly the same thing.

So home again, home again… home again soon. Can’t get there fast enough!

And Saturday, cops are waiting. Hmmmm… check back again to find out what that is about.

Life is short: love what you do, but love being home all the more!

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