Hobbling Hoppy Easter!

Today I have modified my plans. Usually on the Saturday before Easter, I put small packages of Easter treats (sugar-free Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs) into my Harley’s TourPak, then while dressed in a full bunny costume, ride around the senior’s community near me and deliver one of these packages to special senior pals. This has become somewhat of a holiday tradition, and even was featured in The Washington Post a few years ago. It’s a hoot! It brightens the spirits of my friends and is so much fun to do.

Well, unfortunately, I can’t ride my beloved Harley yet. My doctor told me not to think about riding until at least mid-April. At first I argued, but now I realize that he was right. My leg still hurts a lot and the ankle is still swollen. But it WILL get better! I just have to give it some more time.

But this darned leg isn’t going to stop me from brightening the day of my senior pals or stop me from my tradition! I’m just changing it a little bit. My partner ordinarily goes to visit his Mom for Easter, but because he is still worried about me, is staying home this year. He will drive me in my truck. I can and will wear that bunny costume! I will become the “hobbling hoppy Easter bunny!”

Watch out! There’s a cwazy wabbit wunning awound wilver wing! Bwa ha ha!

Woo-hoo! Life is short: show those you love that you love them! Happy Easter, Pasqua, or whatever!

1 thought on “Hobbling Hoppy Easter!

  1. Are there pictures? Will there be?

    I just love bunny suits. They almost rank ahead of boots, but not quite. Now if there were a man in a bunny suit and boots—ahhh, swoon.

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