Old Frye Boots

I really should stop being so puzzled, but each month when I look at my website statistics on the Top 16 Most Viewed Boots (last month), I see that ten times as many people have searched for Vintage Frye Boots each month than any other type of boot. Just what is it about Fryes? The style, the colors, the design? I just can’t figure it out.

Sure, I had a LOT of Fryes when I was in high school and college. I wore them all the time. I still do, occasionally. Problem is that older feet aren’t made for Fryes [smile]. They get darned uncomfortable unless you install padded insoles. But I tell ‘ya, when I wear them, it is quite common that someone will say something about them, like…

* Are those Fryes? (I avoid the urge to respond with a wisecrack)
* Wow, cool boots! I remember when (followed by LONG story)
* Hey, man, got any pot? (I guess a lot of pot-heads wore Fryes. I dunno, I didn’t inhale [LOL!])
* Can I get a pair of Fryes like that?

It goes on and on. It’s too bad that the original Frye Shoe Company, maker of vintage Fryes, sold out and now is held by a conglomerate that has boots made in China with that brand name. Not the same boots by any measure.

I’ve had people send me email offering to buy my vintage Fryes for unbelievable (to me) amounts of money for old boots. But they still bring back a lot of fond memories, and I still enjoy wearing them, so I don’t plan to sell any.

On with the (vintage) Fryes!

Life is short: wear your boots (including your Fryes!)