My Treasure

This is my aunt, for whom I care and enable her to continue to live an independent life. January 2 marked her 95th birthday. She is doing quite well. I so treasure her as such a marvelous lady. Her physical health remains stable, though her brain function is slowly deteriorating. However, with the help of a good neurologist and GP, appropriate medications, as well as a helper who spends several hours with her on weekdays while I am working, my aunt functions well.

She is so happy. It is such a joy to be around someone who is always chipper, smiling, and pleasant. I know it is a bit rare for someone of that age not to be in worse physical shape, or have developed a bad temperament. Not the case with my lovely aunt. She may repeat stories, or change languages from English to Italian to French to Spanish (and back and forth) as we talk. But continuing to communicate so well is amazing to me.

My partner and I took her out to lunch yesterday, and had a very nice time. There were only about 70 members of our family present, so it was a small crowd. But a joyous and happy one. (Glad I snuck the Xanax into my partner’s juice at breakfast!) [Just kiddin’]

I wore leather jeans and a denim shirt, and boots of course. And, as usual… no one said a thing about what I was wearing.

I feel so blessed… what a treat it is to care for someone who is so special.

Life is short: show those you love that you love them.