Intellectual Discussion with My Best Friend

Sunday, my spouse and I did something we love to do on a cold winter’s day… we made ravioli from scratch, and by hand one raviolo at a time.

While my spouse has not been out of the house since November 19 (except for visits to his doctor and twice at an E.R.), the treatment regimen that he is on at least has cleared the bugs from his brain. No more “brain fog” and extreme fatigue, though the joint pain remains severe.

So while he was feeling in good spirits and wanted to spend time with me doing something together, I made pasta dough, and …

Spaghetti06…rolled it through the pasta roller attachment on my kitchen mixer, and together, we hand-made ravioli. Lots of it. We love it. It freezes well so we will enjoy it for many weeks to come.

But what I enjoyed most of all was having my spouse’s intelligence back. He is such a smart man and I have always enjoyed a hearty discussion with him. I always learn from him, his interests, and his experience. Together, we worked at our kitchen island discussing news of the day, as well as what he is learning from his pursuit of his second bachelor’s degree.

What’s that? He has gone back to school? Well, on-line anyway. He enrolled in a course of study at our state’s flagship university to study history. He has progressed so well that he told me that he will actually work toward earning a degree.

Why a B.A. in History? Why not? After all, he is retired and has time to study. He is an avid reader anyway, so getting a degree in history is well within his life interests. I’m particularly pleased that he chose to enroll in our state’s flagship university, of which I am also a three-degree graduate (BA, BS, MS).

My spouse truly enjoys learning again. Listening to him describe what he has learned and what he is tackling in his studies makes me tremendously happy. I admire his intellect and his passion for life-long learning. He inspires me!

And my reference in the title of this post — my best friend? Of course my spouse is my best friend, as well as my partner, lover, and soulmate on our journey through life.

My spouse is still suffering from a relapse of his long-term illness, but the treatment at least makes him stable and he is able to maintain stamina for study.

I am happy. Truly happy. Now, get him over his illness and I will be ecstatic, but one step at a time.

Life is short: celebrate your spouse’s achievements!