Could Not Let 41 Years of Craziness Pass

Last night, just for an hour, I got real crazy. Again. I’ve been doing it now for 41 years, just about this time of year.

I was wearing leather jeans, a biker jacket, and tall boots.

What craziness was involved?

Why Christmas caroling, what else?

41 years ago I began this crazy behavior… explained here if you are interested.

Because my spouse is not well, I did not stay out very long. But I could not let my friends gather without dropping in to say hello, share smiles, hugs, and happiness. Some of my friends traveled very far to be there.

However, the weather was dreadful — wet, rainy, cold. We could not have gone door-to-door to sing like we usually do. Instead, we visited the mother of one of our classmates who is in a nursing home. Yes, I sang my usual standard, “Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle” while everyone else hummed harmony because they still have not learned the words to this song.

After the brief visit to the nursing home, my friends were planning to return to the house that one of my friends grew up in and lives in now with his own family. I begged my leave, so my beloved spouse would not be alone for too long.

Before I left and as I was giving hugs and saying goodbye in the lobby of the nursing home, all of my life-long friends gathered around me and sang There is Love, a tune made popular by Peter, Paul, and Mary (back in the day) to wish my spouse and me much happiness on our marriage. That was really sweet, and I teared up. (My friends ‘conveniently’ changed some of the words to make it “male-male same-sex marriage-appropriate”. I don’t quite know how to say this, but you get it.)

Life is short: life-long friends make life worth living!

1 thought on “Could Not Let 41 Years of Craziness Pass

  1. Whew! Following your day is like any other person’s week! So full and so rich in friendships and love. Thanks for the musical interlude that means so much to you and your spouse — and to so many others for other reasons (I had already “retired” from one career when Peter, Paul, and Mary were getting started). You have made the beginnings of my holiday officially on the “up” scale.
    Continued prayers…………………… Ken

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