Mooning the Neighbors

Continuing with relaying stories related to the “upside” of being down with the flu for a week….

Yesterday, my partner and I were feeling better and thought that with our big Thanksgiving event looming closer, where we will be entertaining about 100 guests throughout the day, we should get serious about doing some housecleaning.

I had on a pair of Wrangler jeans that I have worn for years, a t-shirt, and a my Chippewa Firefighter boots that are very comfortable for hard work (even vacuuming!) We moved some furniture to vacuum behind it, and even rolled up sides of area rugs to chase those darned dusty bunnies that lurk under there.

As I was moving the living room sofa back into its place, I bent over and when I stood back up, my partner broke into hysterics. I looked down and was aghast — my pants had fallen down. Right there with the front window curtains wide open.

I knew that I lost weight when I was sick, and I still have not regained much of an appetite. Apparently, I have lost so much weight that my jeans just fell down. I knew that I was drawing the belt a notch tighter, but even with that… this is ridiculous.

I weighed myself and found that I have lost 15 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but losing 15 pounds in one week is fairly dramatic. However, this is encouraging me to keep on a reasonable eating regime even more, and with more exercise as I regain my strength, things may work out for the better. And to think, this was caused by getting dreadfully ill.

My next step is to go speak with my regular physician. I have some underlying health conditions that affect my weight and what I can eat. There are many things that are helpful with dieting that I cannot eat — most vegetables, diet-oriented substitutes, spices, and oils. If I can find a way to control what I eat and be able to eat things that do not make me sick otherwise, then I perhaps can find a breakthrough to this weight yo-yo situation that I have had to live with for years.

We’ll see…

Life is short: keep the momentum!

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