Boots on Travel Status

Greetings from the West Coast of the United States. My boots and I took off on Monday morning to fly cross-country for a work assignment. I will be here all week. Where?


Sorry I can’t have visitors. Security is tight. But I am enjoying doing what I do and what I am recognized for in my profession. Great to be back in the full throttle of my work-saddle again.

The spouse remained at home. While he is retired now and has all the time in the world, he cannot be seated in an airplane comfortably to withstand the long, six-hour flight. He also can’t stand the fuss with airport security and refuses to consider dealing with it.

For me? Old-hat, now. Approach security… remove the laptop from its case, pull my boots and belt off, run it all through security, then reassemble. A bit of a hassle, but that’s what the world has come to since September 11, 2001.

What boots did I select for this trip? Two pairs:
1) Comfy Lucchese “Mad Dog” black cowboy boots and
2) Lucchese Classic brown wingtip inlay leather boots.

It was nice to see a man in front of me at security who also was wearing black cowboy boots much like mine. We both said “nice boots” to each other.

I will be busy all week, but enjoying every minute of it!

Life is short: love what you do.