Justin Boots Has Crossed a Line

I am without words (allowable to say in public, anyway.) When I saw this image:
JustinlostitI thought…

The people at Justin Brands, owner of the Justin Boots, have completely lost their minds. Every one of them. They have proven that they have lost focus on what the heritage of their label means by slapping their brand label on cheap Chinese-made junk. Not quality. Not good-looking appearance. Not rugged footwear. Uggghh!

BOOTS ARE BOOTS — NOT FLIP-FLOPS! My gosh! How could they cross over to the dark side and put their brand on the most useless, unsafe, and unsightly form of things-on-feet??? (I cannot call those things footwear.)

Justin, shame on you! Get men and women into boots — not silly, dorky, dumb flip-flops!

Go to a blackboard and write 1,000 times: Boots are for feet, flip-flops are for trash!


… end of rant.

Life is short: WEAR BOOTS — even in summer!

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4 thoughts on “Justin Boots Has Crossed a Line

  1. This is a joke, right? Justin Brands put their names on Flip-Flops? OH, HELL NO!!! This can’t be happening. What in the blue hell were they thinking? They haven’t lost their minds, they have lost their damn minds!

    Message to Justin: You are one of the most respected boot brands in America and now you are putting your names are on Flip-Flops. I can’t believe it. Justin, you have not only crossed the dark side but you are also committing fashion suicide. How could you do this? Putting your name on the most hidious, ugly-looking, unsafe and even worse, annoying sounding form of footwear that the world has ever produced. You guys were doing great with boots, why put your names on Flip-Flops? Stick to what you are good at, putting your names on boots. Enough said!!! And as BHD has said many times, Boots are for the feet and Flip-Flops are for the trash, right where they belong. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you can wear boots in the summer and don’t be a 98 percenter, be a 2 percenter by ditching those ugly Flip-Flops and wearing your boots in the summer.

  2. Would they be forgiven if they made “Harness” flip-flops? What color of furious are you at the moment? LOL.

    • Color me “embarrassed” to wear anything with the Justin brand on it. Really sad about their choice to make money off of Chinese junk — both in certain low-end boots with their label as well as exceptionally dorky, silly, stupid flip-flops.

  3. Forgive me while I go puke. Then the bonging sound you’ll hear will be me beating my head against a wall. Justin flip-flops? There goes the empire!

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