When Am I Bootless?

Someone asked me recently, “are you wearing your boots in that miserable summer heat that the DC area is known for?”

Um… yeah. Seriously, I don’t own any shoes. I have no other footwear. Whenever I walk outside, I always have boots on. I may change them more often if my feet get hot. I am not one of those guys who likes a sweaty feeling.

However, there ARE times when I don’t have boots on. Yep, I admit it, there are times when am barefooted. In the evening when I do not have to go outside any more, I may take my boots off, curl up on the couch next to my honey, and just relax.

There are some guys who have said that they sleep with their boots on sometimes. I never have been interested in trying to do that, much less actually do it. My feet need to breathe when I sleep.

There are times when I have been so exhausted that I have fallen asleep with boots on, only to have an uncomfortably warm feeling in my feet awaken me. Then I’ll kick my boots off and go back to sleep. I just can’t sleep through the night with boots on. And for me, I don’t have that type of interest in boots that I would want to do that, anyway. (There I go again … not fetish, not fashion: boots to me are practical, functional, footwear. That’s all.)

Seldom am I bootless, but there are times when I am. When it is hot as blazes outside, and I am cool and comfy inside, I may not wear a thing at all… except if you label it a “birthday suit” (wink).

Life is short: wear your boots!