Let’s be safe out there!

There was an article in the March 27 edition of USA Today that clearly describes that the number of deaths from motorcycle- related crashes has increased significantly since states began to repeal or not enact mandatory motorcycle helmet safety laws. The article supports my own research and that of other responsible parties.

I always wear full protective gear, beginning with a full-face DOT/Snell helmet, jacket, gloves, long pants, and tall boots when I ride. Of course when it’s 1000 degrees in the summer, I might not be able to tolerate the jacket or gloves, but I always, always wear my full-face helmet. It’s just a matter of common sense. It’s unfortunate that states have to pass laws about common sense matters, but there are a lot of people who are in denial that “it won’t happen to me,” “I am a safe rider,” and whatnot. It’s not you, it’s the other guy! Be safe out there, wear your helmet!