Oscars Shmoshkers

OscarJust a brief note… many people in the U.S., and perhaps around the world, are all ga-ga over an awards show that aired on television last night. Huge, heavy bronze statues are given for cinema — best picture, best actor, actress, and so on.

There are a number of people who have “Oscar parties.” How did I respond to two invitations?

Meh. Thanks, but no thanks. Seriously, I appreciate the kind invitation, but I am not interested. I have not seen a movie in a theater in at least seven years, if not longer. I quit going to “the movies” because the price was going up and up. Besides admission, the price of typical snack — popcorn — became twice as costly as a 16-oz container of unpopped premium popcorn at the market. No way! Too rich for my cheap-o blood.

Mind you, I might like to see some of the recent movies, but my priorities for other activities to do with limited time on weekends, as well as my priority to save money, override my interest in seeing some movie.

The TV show is on past my bedtime. Monday is a work day. I rise at 4am as usual. I can’t stay up to watch some TV show about movies that I have not seen.

I recognize that many gay men (and women) are “cinema buffs” and get very excited to watch this TV awards show.

Well, if my “gay card” must be confiscated because I am not a fan of this TV show and I have not seen any recent movies, then tell me where to send it. Analogous to my disinterest in some other gay social stereotypes — liking to dress up, attend weddings, dance, etc. — I never got those gay genes.

If you watched the show, I hope whoever or whatever you wanted to win actually won. Meanwhile, I enjoyed seeing the inside of my eyeballs.

Life is short: know your interests (and disinterests.)

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