Influence of "CHiPs"

I have to admit, when I was in my teens and Jon and Ponch on the television show “CHiPs” were riding around on their police Kawasaki motorcycles in their CHP uniforms and Dehner Boots, I was mesmerized. I just loved watching that show, and especially when the boots were featured. Tall, black, shiny cop boots caught my attention. Long before videotape recording was an option, I would watch very closely so I wouldn’t miss the boots in action, especially those shots with the camera behind the boot while Jon was chasing a bad guy.

When I got older and less intimidated by the leather/uniform crowd, I bought my very own CHP replica uniform, without the gun or baton, since they’re not legal where I live (plus, I’m not into guns whatsoever.)

I have worn this uniform a lot, even just around the house, or chasing my partner (that’s always fun), and out while riding my Harley (covering up the patches on the shirt with a biker jacket.)

I just love the look, the feel, and the power of the boots, uniform, and confidence it brings to me. I have since learned that Dehner boots of today are not nearly the quality they once were — stock boots are made of crappy plastic stuff called Dehcord that cracks and doesn’t hold up to even regular wear. But still nothing compares with the feeling of those boots tight on the legs, and the comfort of the uniform.