Anything Other Than Football

Yes, ’tis the season here in the good ol’ USA for the football playoffs and championship game. Yawn. I have never been interested in football, even though I was the #1 cheerleader for my twin brother, Mr. Jock, when he was Mr. Football in high school.

While the attention of all of my neighbors, both male and female, turn to the games on “game day” (which for this post, was Sunday), I take advantage of their singular focus to enjoy benefits of their absence from public places (excepting restaurants, which we do not go to)–

DCMCShow03— we went to the annual motorcycle show, which had no crowds. It was easy to get around, talk to vendors and have plenty of time to ask questions. It was an interesting show, but pretty much the same as previous years. I decided to go because my fiance was feeling well enough to want to get out and do something different. I am not interested in getting a new (or replacement) Harley anytime soon, but if I do, I am looking to scale down from the big beast that I own now which is so darn heavy. Photo here is of me seated on a model released last year. It is lower, 200 pounds lighter, yet still has a full windscreen. As my fiance said, “whenever you sell your current bike and get a new one, it will probably be one like that you will get.” He’s right — I know as I age that pushing around a huge, heavy touring bike when I will not be touring is not the way to go.

There I went again on a tangent. Anyway, back to the “what do I do on Sundays when football is on TV?”

— go swimming. I don’t do that as often as I need or want to. But we made time in the afternoon to go to my alma mater and use the benefit of life membership in the alumni association to get free admission to the recreation center, which has a huge olympic-venue swimming facility. I swam 50 laps (slowly) while my fiance used some equipment to help rebuild his strength, lost during his long bout with his illness last year. We both liked it because I didn’t have to worry about other swimmers getting frustrated with me “hogging up” a whole swimming lane while swimming so slowly, and my fiance didn’t have other people hanging over him wanting to use the same equipment. (He hates having other people watch him work out.)

— do “heavy shopping”. That is, there are times when my fiance and I need to stock up on staples and non-perishables. We went to a grocery store on Sunday afternoon and had the place almost to ourselves. It was like a ghost town. Great… we could take our time roaming around the store to find everything we needed, and match it with my fiance’s stack of coupons and deals. While our non-discounted, before-coupon total was $130, our final cash payment for our “haul” was $46.32. I tell ‘ya, this is what my fiance should do when he retires — he is so good at matching sales with coupons with offers to reap huge savings.

A nice way to spend a Sunday. We will continue to do this until the super-whatever is over. Go team!

Some more photos are below of me and my elusive but hunky fiance at the motorcycle show. BTW–what was I wearing? Full leather, of course. Side-laced leather jeans, black Chippewa ostrich harness boots, and my Langlitz jacket. Anyone say anything? Nope.

Life is short: plan to visit public venues when the public is not there!

1 thought on “Anything Other Than Football

  1. HI B.H.D.
    It’s about time I let you know how I enjoy reading your communiques. I admire your life style and openess. You sure are busy with work, travel and social activities with friends, neighbours and “seniors” I like reading your leather and boot tutorials.
    Recently I decided to cease driving and biking, as I’m now in mid seventies, the reflexes are slowing down. It is the responsible thing to do for my own safety and that of others.. My stable of four B.M.W.’s has been reduced to two and these are available for offers. So fare I’ve not parted with any leather or boots.

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