Fa! Cosi sia!

As my nonna would say, “[è] fa[tto]! Cosí sia! — which means literally, “it is done, so be it” but in its connotation, means generally, “that’s the way it is, take it or leave it.” This Italian phrase would be her way of expressing exasperation with whatever us kids came up with.

Afraid of a spider? Fa! Cosí sia!

Don’t want to eat vegetables? Fa! Cosí sia!

Your mean sister called you a name? Fa! Cosí sia!

A bit neurotic about something? Fa! Cosí sia!

Funny, I was just saying this expression to my partner, when he was going on and on about some minor little thing… I can’t even remember… Fa! Cosí sia!

I also said it in a jesting way to a friend when I described that when he made a choice to be my friend, he had to accept some of my neurotic behaviors. Fa! Cosí sia! (and just accept me as he does, with compassion for my crazy ways.)

Everyone has differences, or some may call “weird behaviors.” For example, my partner can’t stand it when the phone rings at home. I mean, he absolutely detests the disruption. It doesn’t matter who is calling, he just doesn’t want the phone to ring. If it does, he won’t answer it. He hates the phone, period, end-of-story. If we are both at home and the phone rings and I answer it, he glowers at me until I hang up.Fa! Cosí sia!

For me, I hate cell phones. The disruption. The huge expense for monthly service, making rich companies richer. I hate the fact that a cell-phone-yapping yuppie killed my motorcycle-riding buddy six years ago.

Well, Fa! Cosí sia! — to those who might think of calling me at home when my partner is home, or calling my cell phone, which I rarely have turned on or available (it’s usually buried at the bottom of my briefcase.) Just accept that some of us are weird, are slightly neurotic, or approach some things differently from others. We’re all different.

Life is short: Fa! Cosí sia!