Quiet Break

I am taking a break from blogging for a while — at least during the Christmas holidays.

My fiance is feeling miserable — flare ups of his long-term infection. I have to “babysit” his mother and keep her fed, entertained, and fed, as my fiance can’t help.

Kinda lousy Christmas…. I was hoping for better, but it isn’t going to be.

I have faith, he WILL get better… someday. Just not today, this week, or next.

I hope you have a much better, happier, and enjoyable holiday.

See you later,


1 thought on “Quiet Break

  1. oh man, I thought (or was hoping along with you) that the worst was over with your partner’s illness. I will follow your instructions — I will (try to) have a good time here in the Dolomiti and re-learning how to ski with my wife’s family. I would like to do something to help, but realize that there is nothing that I can do except pray. I am praying hard, as is my wife and her family, too.

    I love you, brother. In heart, deed, and action, you are my hero.

    Ore e sempre,


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